Friday, February 22, 2013

Tropical Smoothie

Next week, my Husband and I are going on vacation. We will be going to FLA to visit my Mother. She  spends her winters in the Naples area. It is a beautiful place to visit. My Mom is literally on the beach. I am hopeful to see my Sister and her family. She lives on the other coast. It is a great break from everything going on around here. I can sit on the beach and do NOTHING. (right) There are people from our hometown and the surrounding area there to see. The people that are in her building are mostly from the Midwest. Great group of people to hang out with.

This beach is where a large amount of my shells have come from. We like going on morning walks and finding shells. It is also a bit of exercise to start the day. Then my day will consist of sunning, eating, reading, cocktails and telling stories. LOVE IT. In any order.

In order to go on vacation, I really needed a pedicure. My Husband actually caught the hint, and He gave me this for Valentine's Day.

Thank you Tiffany from Divas. You are the bomb. Best Pedicure I have ever had.

I am also starting to clean out my refrigerator to get ready for vacation. There sat a VERY overripe Pineapple and two wrinkly Mango's. I was worried that everything was garbage, but I lucked out. This recipe would have to be adjusted with a sweetener due to the ripeness of your fruit.

This was one of the best tasting smoothies I have ever drank. It was like a tropical vacation in a glass. It is almost like being in FLORIDA. Ok, probably not, but it did taste good.

Tropical Smoothie

2 very ripe mangos
1 very ripe whole pineapple
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
3 cups almond milk

Set up blender. Remove pit and skin from Mango's and place in blender. Remove top, remove skin and core from the Pineapple and place chunks in blender. Add 1 scoop of  Vanilla Protein powder and add the 3 cups of Almond Milk. Blend.

If  you would like to add ice, be my guest.

Fabulous, the only calories came from the powder and milk. 
Make your own smoothies, forget the mixes. This was easy and tasted amazing.

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