Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Thanksgiving this year was great. It was a small crowd, but we had a great day. Last year, my Mom was sick and we celebrated on Friday. That was fine and all, BUT the turkey was dry and the stuffing was wet and everything needed some salt. Fast forward, This years dinner was fantastic. Moist turkey, cooked in a bag, (HIGHLY recommend) delicious stuffing, and mouth watering rolls. OH my.. Heaven was sitting at our table. My sister made these fabulous mushrooms, I made HOME made green bean casserole and a new cranberry recipe. Dinner was out of this world.

Dessert.... Fall cookie tray. New recipe for pecan bars. Wonderful. My sister made a caramel infused chocolate cake that was light and yet rich tasting. Her girls are becoming Martha's. I made my old stand by.... Sour cream raisin pie... My favorite as always.  (featured last November).

This is Smokey. Smokey was born on September 1st at my Mom's house. Along with six other kitties.
Smokey was a rescue kitty of sorts. She was born at my Moms, received plenty of food, a warm place to sleep, and some love. She was NEVER abused at all.

One Friday evening in Mid Novemeber, my Husband was deer hunting at my Mom's house. He stopped at the house to see my Mom and talk and maybe have a beverage. While he was inside, Smokey got up into the motor of my Husband's pick up truck. Found an area to sit and be warm. My Husband drove to our house, about 20 miles. The next morning he drove to work, about 10 miles. As he pulled into his garage at work, he heard a kitty crying. He realized it was coming from his truck. Open the hood, and out jumped this very scared cat.

He tried to find the cat, but it was hiding in his shop. Brought the cat some kitten food, a small pile of sand for bathroom issues and went from there. The kitten took a week to warm up to my Husband.  I believe it was still somewhat traumatized. The next week, he bought the kitten a litter box and went from there.

On Thanksgiving Day, he brought the kitten home. Again, freaked out to be in a new place. Black Cherry was not happy at all. Hiss and made other scary noises. This little kitty was invaded his territory in cuteness. Apple Jax was very indifferent. I believe, she was hoping it would go away.

Smokey is incredibly SOFT. Has a bit of a cry, but not whiny
This little girl has invaded our hearts. She has become SO lovable. 

Loves to snuggle and lick your fingers and bite your toes

AND Smokey loves to sprawl.
One of her lives may be gone, but she will be in our lives for a very long time.

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