Tuesday, October 21, 2014

6 and 12

Yesterday was my weird "more than Normal" dysfunctional day. To begin with, it was Monday. How many people just my a bad sound about yesterday. I was a bright sunny day at our house. But it was just one of those days you actually never look forward to. In my family, the build up is ALWAYS so much worse. The sad thoughts and tears have already been shed. So Monday was sunny. I had decided to take a vacation, because in the past, I have not been friendly Shayla, it is just easier to be off. Less problems for everyone. So I ran, went to a Crossfit class. (find the right Crossfit place and your will love it) I am still going to yoga, just mixing things up.

SO, on with my ramblings. Yesterday was my twelve year wedding anniversary.

This was such a fun picture to take. We were just laughing and laughing. The photographer said we were smiling to much. We went to the train station and took these pictures. We were married on a Sunday afternoon, So there was almost no one at the train station.

My Husband gave me this beautiful bouquet of flowers. It was a bright, fall mix of flowers. It is always a way to my heart. We decided yesterday that the flowers needed to go to work. My kitties found them, and thought these would make a fabulous play toy. PICK, pick, pick, rub, brush by, and generally just touch all the flowers. So much fun. I actually have really enjoyed having them in my office today. My office smells fantastic. 

How is it that a cat can photo bomb a picture. These brats have such a good life. I was really loving them from about midnight to 5:30 AM this morning. In bed, out of bed, running through the house, licking and then back in bed with you. 

SO, yesterday was the six year anniversary of my Dad's passing. I missed him so much last week. I had already cried all my tears. His twin granddaughters turned 18 today. I think he would almost feel old. My Mom will turn 70 in a couple weeks and I turn 50 in the Spring. Time just marched on.

Monday was his favorite day of the week. It was a perfect day for working outside. Yard work or farming. Great day to get stuff accomplished. So, since I was off and everyone else was working, I had lunch with my Mom. She was good. We had a cocktail at lunch because we COULD. We both shed a couple of tears and then ordered lunch. There are so many other things going on, that sitting there feeling sad was just not right. A friend of my Moms showed up, and we continued to shoot the breeze. Loads of laughs. All was good.

For Dinner, my Husband and I went to Bonefish Grill. There are only 4 in the state of Illinois. We always go when we visit my Mom in FLA in the winter. It was very good, but the Florida ambiance just was not there. 

Pear Martini and Bang bang shrimp
I just love their Martinis. The Bang Bang Shrimp is always fantastic. My Husband had shrimp and scallops and I had fish. We discussed my day and all was good. My Husband announced that we were doing something right, because we still like to eat together. He really made me smile. We went home and had left over birthday cake from my nieces birthday party from Sunday. (DIET Blown out the Window.)

In the recent past, I have had cousins who lost their Dad, and friends who have lost loved ones. My Heart aches for them. I would like to tell them that they will get better, but it is WAY to early. My Dad always told us that there was always someone worse off than us. I miss my Dad, but I am very lucky and happy. 

Thank you for reading this blog. I really appreciate people taking time out of their day to read my thoughts. If you know someone who is facing difficult days, lend them a hand. Drive them to the doctor, rake their leaves or just hold their hand and listen.....

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