Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Insanity - Surf and Turf

THE END is NEAR... Not the Mayan Calendar. The end to the cookies, pasta, and chocolate.

Every year my Husband and I kick start the new year. This year would be no different. My Mother gave my Husband, Insanity for Christmas. There is a lot more that could be said on that subject.... It is a program by Beach Body. We have both completed P90x and P90x2. My Husband always gets great results from these programs. We go on a Low Carb/High Protein diet. My Husband will lose twenty to thirty pounds and me, two or three pounds. Sigh.....

Since I would not be making cookies for awhile, I decided I needed to make a fabulous dinner to celebrate the impending start of our diet. When I placed the food on the plate, it totally screamed, "photograph ME". Surf and Turf. It was also available in my freezer. I do not know why people think this is such a big deal, it is the easiest dinner to make. Cook your potatoes, grill your steak, start your beans and drop your tails into boiling water. This dinner comes together quickly. It is not the cheapest, but I took advantage of some holiday specials and froze the meat and lobster. WAY cheaper than going to a restaurant. We had wine and candles. It was fun.

What a plate full of food.

So my Husband asked why this would not be on our diets. I explained that Lobster was not bad, just the butter he was using. The Filet was only 6 ounces. Not the worst for a protein diet, but lean chicken would be better for him. The potato is high in carbohydrates, even though there was only butter on it. Not a loaded potato. The steamed fresh green beans were Perfect for his diet. He did polish off everything on his plate.

This is a new program for us. It uses your own body to burn calories and build muscles. When you start, you are tested on several different exercises. Every two weeks, you test again to see your progress. It is a power packed, heart pumping workout in less than an hour. You can also add it with your P90X2 workouts. I really like Cardio workouts, so I will let you know how we do on it. 

I would like to add a picture of cookies, bread or pie, but to quote Tony Horton, "Drink your Water."

There will be healthy smoothie recipes. I am also going to work on some overnight oatmeal recipes. They seem very intriguing. Lean Carrot Cake muffins sound delicious. Detox waters. Lots of options for different recipes.

Thank you to my friend Ursula. I was having some little problems with my blog, and she walked me through them. Accepting of your limitations, being open for guidance and grateful for success. The best way to end a day.

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