Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Declaration Day

Memorial Day was yesterday. We went to the cemetery with my Mom to plant flowers around my Dad's grave. The weather was crappy. We did not have any picnics scheduled for Monday, so it just worked.

My Husband also put flags in the front yard. He placed 405 flags in the yard this year. Even though, he did not serve in the military, he feels very patriotic about this. As people drove by, we got a few thumbs up and some wonderful comments. It really warms my heart to hear this. People taking a moment to slow down and say "THANKS." 

My family also suffered three losses in one day on Sunday. How do three people we know die in one day? It was really unbelievable. These were all separate incidences. One wake and funeral will be in Iowa, and the other two are local. My Mom is travelling to Iowa by herself, due to all of the other conflicts. Keep her in your thoughts. Life is very mysterious. Living on a roller coaster. My sisters and I also have heavy workloads right now. Focusing on what is necessary and immediate. 

I read about Memorial Day. What is it exactly. It was started around the 1860s. Many of the deceased of the Civil Was were not identified. There were no dog tags or next of kin notifications at that time. People felt is was very undignified not to give the deceased the proper respect in death. They declared that the last Monday in May would be Declaration Day. So, Happy Memorial Day just does not sit right with me.

My friends, Lynn and Nick welcomed home their son from Afghanistan. They are so happy to have Christopher home safely. This is why we put out flags and go visit my Dad. It is to thank everyone who has served and those who are no longer with us.

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