Thursday, November 21, 2013

JOY Sign

I looked at the calendar, and had several freak outs. Where have I been???? The month is more than half over, and I have not written all month. Sorry folks... I have been baking up a storm. Sweets by Shayla, has been very busy. I am so appreciative of all the business lately, BUT my creativity has gone into cakes. I really do like designing cakes and doing something different on each cake.

My other freak outs are that my Christmas cards are not started. I finally have the paper and cards. I am using a stamp from over 10 years ago. I wanted to see what I would do differently. These cards will not be going out early this year. No way, NO how...

Another freak out, last year I made this beautiful outdoor garland. It turned out great. (Featured last December) I was given a huge amount of garland and greenery last January. I bought all the stuff  to fill it at over 75% off. Bargains galore. BUT, I never started the garland. Looked at it, thought about it, BUT never did it. OMG....

My last freak out, I wanted to make this JOY sign. I have been begging for pallet boards. I have been informed that pallets are VERY hard to take apart. They never say that on Pinterest. So my husband found some old boards and off I went.

I liked this sign, but I did not want to shaggy bottom. 

This sign was a two day project. Could be done in a day, but I never start anything early. 

Just a few pieces to start this project

Power tools. Love them. Lined up the four boards, put a backer board on the backside 
and screw them in to support the board. 
I put a backer board near the top and bottom on the backside.
If you do not have a screw gun, a hammer and nails will also work.

In a former life, I was a tagger. I love spray painting.
I went over the boards a few times, to fill in.
Then I used Gold spray paint to form whispy lines for accents

I laid down the stencils. You could space them anyway you want. 

Started painting with the Gold. I needed to go over it twice. 
The boards just sucked up the paint. 
I removed the stencils and filled in. 

I did not like the Gold. You would never see it from the road.
I used a dark Green over the Gold, once that was dry, I went over 
the dark Green with a Metallic Green. 
Altered the letters a bit, added slight serifs. 
This project is open to interpretation. DO WHAT YOU WANT

Finished Project.... YEAH!! One done.
Someone asked me how my Christmas shopping was going... YEAH Right....
That is another Freak out.

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