Thursday, July 24, 2014

Happy 70th birthday.

Today my Dad would have been 70, if he was still alive. His last birthday was at the young age of 64. I am totally out of sorts today. A bit bitchy, teary, and just not with it. My Mother always celebrated birthdays, but milestone birthdays were a big event. I remember my Dad's 30th birthday party. I remember him sleeping in a lawn chair towards the end of the night. His 50th birthday party was an extravaganza. His 2 brothers came into town from out of state. That was a very fun party for his kids. I believe one of his kids may have slept in a lawn chair that night. The  60th party was at my house. At the best of our abilities, we tried to surprise him. NO one slept in a lawn chair that night. We did have a good time. We laughed about how old we had all gotten.

Today is a beautiful day. Mid 70's and sunny. Actually kind of cool for the end of July. He would have said it was an excellent day for working. Even on his birthday. He would have kicked it into gear & got a lot done.

So, Sweets by Shayla has been baking up a storm. I did a 300 person wedding last weekend. Cupcakes and Treat trays. It was a tremendous amount of work, but when I was done, I was happy. No second guessing. The bride was also very pleased. And that is the most important person. 

My sister and her family from FLA are in town for a week. We are going to do our own partying and hanging out. We all think about my Dad in so many different ways and have our own special memories. 

My Dad was such a good dad. He had his rules, and they had little bend. BUT everything else in life was fair game. Did he shake his head at us??? YES... Wonder what the Hell we were doing??? YES.. but he totally love us. I am grateful in life for my Dad... AND MOM. They have taught us many differ things. 

Be grateful for what you have, and someone always is worse off than you. WORDS of Wisdom.

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