Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Summer Cat Camp

Where have I been.. Some tropical vacation, kidnapped by Tibetan Monks, off on a non speaking retreat.. NO. I just have not been writing. There are loads of things going on. New recipes that have been conquered, and even summer camp for cats at my house.

Binx and Ziggy came to our house on May 30th. My friend was changing jobs and moving from Indiana to the Boston area. They came to our house for a low stress summer vacation. These boys had a lot of fun. They even lost a pound or two. They had never had stairs before. Who knew that camp would have a work out program

                                                They always liked sleeping next to each other    

These two love bugs needed a place to hang out for the summer while their Mom moved and traveled for work. My Husband and I decided this would be a good experiment. We have always talked about becoming cat foster people. Summer camp went wonderful. Our three cats were a bit challenged at first, but they all became fast friends. Black Cherry was no longer dominated by girls. He had to get use to 2 other Males in the house. But the boys hung out together.

Watching for bunnies and birds

Black Cherry and Ziggy.
Buddies and Lovers

Apple Jax and Smokey accepted the boys. Binx would love to tease the girls and chase them around. Once in a while little Smokey would hiss at big Binx. He was never mean to her. Girls can be so moody..

One morning I snagged this picture. Smokey and Binx looking out the door

They always wanted to go outside

This was another thing that made Binx and Ziggy perfect, just like our cats,  they like being outisde. They were also harness and leash pets. The boys hung out often on the patio. I have several cute cat photos. Probably more than you would want to see.
Apple Jax and Binx coexitsting

My Friend's cats were just lovable. They made everything so easy. When you came home everyday, they would be sitting by the back door waiting for you to come in. If people tell you that cats have no emotion and do not care, they are WRONG. We could have keep these cats forever, but their Mom also missed them very much. With her new job going good, the new house was unpacked, it was time for another new adventure in the Boston area. So on September 6th, we said our final good byes. 

 Their Mom told us how they howled and cried for hours in the car. My cats looked around for the boys. Wondering where they went. Black Cherry was so mopey and clingy.  He really missed his friends. 

My Husband and I did shed some tears, but we also realized that there are many cats out there that need temporary homes. Not every experience is perfect, but there has to be more to life. We are really happy that we meet these wonderful Fur Boys. Life is always full of new experiences, even at summer camp.