Friday, August 29, 2014

Kitties and Summer

Where have I been... well basically just in my kitchen. I have baked lots of cakes and cookies

My Kitties have had some wild summer adventures. We will start with Smokey. Smokey started becoming a big girl. We waited about 2-3 months to long. She would howl and cry. WOW, scared all of us and herself. Once she healed, the hormones started to mellow out. That will never happen again to any other cats.  She has gotten acclimated to wearing a harness outside. She does not totally dig it, but if she wants to go outside on it goes. There was also the evening where she did not have it on, ahhh what a rascal. She can be a total challenge to catch when she wants to stay outside. I spent over a  half hour trying to catch her. She did sleep all night that evening.

Smokey is still afraid of people. If someone comes over, she will still hide. Usually in the basement. She has a comfy perch where she can hide or just watch you fold the laundry. When Smokey is outside, the noise from people is less scaring her. Smokey is a talker. Her makings are just beautiful.

She is such a beauty.

Smokey loves to play with your feet. Nibbling..

I am skipping to Apple Jax. The Princess of the house. She always wants to go outside, but only on her terms. She will claw on the screen and whine, but not let you catch her. Such the DIVA. Once you get a hold of her, a bit of a yowl, and out she goes. She is usually the last one to come in.

Apple Jax is such a princess

I was laying on my stomach taking pictures of cats.
I am 1 crazy girl, who loves her cats

Apple Jax has come around so much this summer. She hangs out with the rest of the cats. Apple is still slightly anti social. She wants to be loved, and I love giving her love. We  sleep together regularly.

Black Cherry.... Well he has had quite the summer.
He was chased up a tree by a stray dog early in the summer. My neighbor and I held the 12 foot ladder while my husband climbed up and tried to reach the cat. CAT crying, husband not happy. Black Cherry stayed inside for a few days. Very afraid of being outside. About 2 weeks later, he scooted outside and no one noticed. He spent the entire night outside. The next morning he was sitting on the front porch. Smokey was sitting by the front window, crying for Black Cherry. Husband opened the door, and in ran the cat. He did not have on a collar. We found the collar near a tree in the front yard the next day. Blasted cat.

Lazy boy
I love my Black Cherry. He is such a typical male. Needy, a bit whiny and demanding of love. AND really not all that smart. SO, 2 weeks ago, Black Cherry got out again. It was dark outside and he can be hard to see. My Husband asked me to help look for the cat. We start looking for him, and we hear a howling noise. The cat on on my neighbors porch roof. We have NO idea how he got up there. We believe he was being chased and he ran up the arborevite.

Again my Husband pulled out the 12 foot ladder, and grabbed the cat. Ahh, Black Cherry, you crazy kitty. Last Sunday, my husband was grilling, all the cats were outside, and Black Cherry was playing with a wasp.  The wasp sort of won. All of  a sudden, a loud howl came from Black Cherry and he was limping. Stung his paw. We removed the stinger and killed the insect. He was ok. He still wants to go outside, but he never stays out long. You need to sit outside with him. He gets anxious and wants to go inside...

As we celebrate Labor Day Weekend, the unofficial END of Summer, please still consider your pets welfare. It still gets hot outside, watch for animals in closed vehicles. Watch for animals as you are out and about. They all need care. Have a safe holiday...

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cherry Almond Overnight Oats

I should start the blog with a "goodnight". When I am done making this delicious breakfast at 12:30 at night, I am going to bed. The ready to eat pictures are my "good morning." Overnight Oats are delicious and so freaking easy. Throw away, in fact, DO NOT even buy that sugary over processed oatmeal packets. They are only a teensy bit easier than overnight. BUT.............. overnight oats are a 1000 times better. They are still real. So if you have fallen off your wagon, and need to hop on, this breakfast or snack will totally fill you up. There are prior posts about overnight oats, they are so healthy and filling. You will stay full until lunch. No vending machine breaks.

Good morning KIDS. 
I just went for a 4 mile run and I am sweaty. 
Pictures of the start to a great day.
WELL.... I am going to my day job. OK good day.

Just a disclaimer: Overnight oats can be heated up. I like them cold, but I think if I needed something warm inside me, these would be perfect.

Cherry Almond Overnight Oats
adapted from
1 cup old fashioned oats
1 cup or 1 1/2 cups almond milk
1/2 cup dried cherries
1/4 cup slivered almonds
1 tablespoon chai seeds
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1 tablespoon Goji Berries

Layer in a glass, jar or container with lid.  mix together. cover and refrigerate overnight.

In the morning, thoroughly stir, eat cold or warm up. Drizzle with honey if you want.

Just a few basic ingredients for something wonderful

Goji Berries are so good for you. 
They deserved a separate shot

Start by layering in all the ingredients

Once everything is added, stir well and put in the frig

Good  morning, you should really taste this.

This is how Oatmeal should be. 
This is not fattening, loaded with fiber and other goodness.
Let me know what you think. I really love it.