Thursday, October 24, 2013

Halloween Wreath

I am not your Fall girl. I love my summer...  I know that I love to decorate for Fall. Next to Christmas, I have loads of Fall decorations. Our whole main floor and outside get the Fall and Halloween treatment. This is also why we have a Black Cat. He performs on Halloween for all of my Trick or Treaters.

Tried a different approach this year. A little more wild and carefree.

One day, I was in Michael's for the 1000th time, standing in their forever line, looking at their wreaths. I have always been able to do wreaths, just basic styling. I was not paying $45.00 for a Halloween wreath. NO way. So, I came home and down to the basement I went. Gathered some supplies and went from there. Spray paint from the garage and off to the back yard with a smile on my face.

I found this greenery garland that I had purchased at the end of the season for 80% off.

I had a 40% off coupon, that I used for the wire wreath base. It was $5.00.. and then a coupon. I did not even use any wire. Just folded the greenery around the base. EASY

And then on to my favorite part.... Spray Paint City. Over the years, I have painted SO many things. I really think I was a tagger in a former life. Once I was done painting, hung it in the garage to dry completely.

I purchased some Fall/Halloween Orange Ribbon.(with a coupon) I have seen this type of ribbon around for the last year or so. Wanted to try it, just did not take the time. I made these big loops, and wound it through the greenery and wreath. 

I wrapped another smaller black metallic ribbon around for different color and texture. I purchased some glittery Halloween picks. Inserted them and I was DONE.

Steal my ideas. Do this for your house. Send me your pictures. I would love to see them.
Most of ALL... Make it yourself. Get those creative juices flowing.

This is our Monster from two years ago. PVC pipes, fabrics and a mask.
This was also a blast to make. 

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