Friday, May 9, 2014

Low Calorie Pina Colada

This is a cocktail, not a smoothie or oatmeal drink. It is all about starting the summer out with a bang. As everyone knows, I love easy, fun drinks and something that is not loaded with calories. Obviously, there can be add on to this, and a million different adds. Simple people, life is complicated enough.

Three simple ingredients
1 or 2 shots of COCONUT VODKA
fill with DOLE Pina Coloda Juice
STIR and Drink up

This is going to be my new Summer Cocktail. On Wednesday it was in the 80's and yesterday we reached the 90's. Woo Hoo bring on Summer. Oh course, today it is back in the low 70's. This Chicagoland weather is absolutely crazy. Allergy season is so out of control this year. They say it will be the worst.

These are just the prettiest tulips. Most years, the rabbits get them
and they never get to bloom

These are new this year. I just love how variegated they are. 
I also have two colored daffodils up and down my front. 

I just liked these because of the tips
I was outside yesterday  with my new cocktail and a camera. 

EXTRA picture
They coexist. I just love it.

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