Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Strawberry Green Cleanse

I love green cleanse drinks. I drink them almost everyday. Definitely Monday - Friday. Weekends are always some kind of crazy for me. And this weekend will not be any different. I think the green thing is cleaning me out, and just giving me a great veggie - fruit kick. I feel full all day. My latest project is, I am making Kombucha. My Saturday morning yoga instructor gave me a starter with a Skoby. I am on my third batch. I have not quite perfected it yet. But, I am getting there. The MAJOR benefit to all of these drinks is, I am drinking more water type products. I feel fuller all day and I am helping my well being. The whole mental clarity thing is not happening, but some things just take longer..........

It is strawberry season around us. Or last week was Mother's day. Some dipped strawberries and and cool strawberry shortcake for customers. So what to do with all the left over strawberries. Let make a new drink.

This lovely tasting drink in a slightly pukey green color.

Strawberry Green Cleanse
designed by ME
1 cup water
1 cup cut strawberries
2 cups frisse, chou, kale mix (or Spinach)
1 green apple, cored and chopped
1 piece of fresh ginger
1 or 2 squirts of agave nectar

Place all ingredients in a high power blender in the order listed, blend until smooth. 2 minutes. Add ice if you want and refrigerate for the morning ride.

Just a couple of great ingredients
I like the Frisse, chou, kale mix. I cannot straight kale,
but this will work for me.

A couple of quick cuts and you are ready

Your piece of ginger can vary according to taste.
I LOVE Ginger

Lovely drink of nutritious goodness

No strawberry for decoration

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