Thursday, May 22, 2014

Second Blogiversary

TWO Years.... Wow... Who would think I still had anything to say. Yesterday, was the actual anniversary. I was going to make a pan of bars last night. Test out a new recipe, but I went to yoga instead. By the time we ate dinner, I did some house crap, the night was done. I have three treats trays for Saturday, so maybe tomorrow. I did start my brown butter cookie doughs. I still think if dough can sit overnight, Especially chocolate chip cookies (Featured       ) they have such a more intense flavor. That is why some cookies are just good and others are "delicious."

Today, my feature is Smokey. She is such a pretty little kitty.

We purchased a harness for her. The other two cats would be outside and she would sit by the door and cry. I am such a wimp. I would bring her outside, but then she would get snoopy and wonder to far out. Harness and a lease, she was happy. She was using Apple Jax's lease, so she was stuck inside.

Prowling for bugs and other things to ponce on

Princess of the Rock

Whoa, I need to sit on the patio for a few minutes.

Back prowling for creatures

So, I spend all this time on cat photography, I really need to work on my
photo skills for my food. This will be this year's project
OR maybe when I grow up, I will be an animal photographer. 

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