Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

I have been cooking and baking up a storm. My oldest stepson came home from Colorado. It is great having him home, even for a short visit. Tonight for Halloween, my Mother is coming over for dinner. After the Trick or Treaters, we are having Broccoli - Potato soup. It has been much cooler and windy here, so soup will do the trick.

Last weekend, I baked for a fundraiser. I made cookies, delicous breads and caramel corn puff/popcorn. I will post this recipe next week. I am making it for my Mother's birthday party on Sunday. She has always been a caramel corn fan.

We have costumes for our cats for Halloween. My pretty Apple Jax hates costumes. She is being tortured with this giraffe hat on. My Husband and I laughed so hard.

If you could have heard all the hissing and growling out of the Princess. She was ready to bolt. When the hat came off, she was gone like lightening to a dark spot in the bedroom. I do love her whiskers.

Black Cherry is also not happy, but if you started petting him, he was find. We will use him to perform tonight for the kids. He loves all the attention. Needy boy.

Happy Halloween, enjoy your tricks and treats .... and be safe out there ... always lots of crazies out.

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