Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Centerpiece

OK .... I robbed this idea from Pinterest. Not totally original. But it has been sitting on my kitchen table for over two weeks, and it still looks great. I am going to incorporated into my theme events throughout the year. This was fun to make and eat.... and I used a few creative juices.

This year, besides the centerpiece, I did a new wreath. There is "almost" always a wreath on my front door. It changes throughout the year. I think I like Spring the most, because of the bright colors. This winter has lasted FOREVER... I have White and Yellow Tulips and Daffodils in my front flower beds. I thought the combination of outside and my front door would be cool. Due to the crappy weather, my flowers still have not bloomed. Just ridiculous. 

This my centerpiece. 
It probably took longer to pick out the flowers

Just a vase inside of a vase. 
Three bags of Starburst Jelly Beans. or any type you want
A package of 12 peeps. I did not need 2, so... they were consumed

Cut the fake flowers to the length I wanted. 
Placed them inside the inner vase

Finished project. I like it when things pop together quickly.

These were fun to work with. They just stick together

This arrangement is by my front door. 
I used colored beads for inside of this vase. 
Adds some fun color
Happy Easter and/or Happy Spring

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