Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Breaks in the weather

Where have I been.  Really almost no where. I went to Florida last weekend to see my nephew graduate from High School.. He was in National Honor Society and all advance placement classes since he was in first or second grade. He is very smart. Good kid also.

He will be attending the University of Florida next fall. We are very proud of him.. My twin nieces graduate this weekend. They are also going away to college. I will post their graduation picture next week. 

I have had this stupid hip issue for the past year that has somewhat sidelined me. I am still able to go to work and workout and bake cakes and treats, but the pain has been horrible the last five months. Going to the Chiropractor three times a week sucks up an enormous amounts of time and money. The woes of getting older. After 38 visits, I am starting to get better.  I still have a bit of a limp and different amounts of pain.

So, what have I been doing.. There are still Sweets by Shayla jobs every weekend. Some big, some small. I have been catering some here and there. 

These Lillies of the Valley came from my Mom's house over 10 years ago. 
They still smell amazing and always make me smile.

The Chicagoland weather has been all over the block. In fact today, it is 46 degrees and sleeting. Oh my goodness. We have had our air conditioner on last week. It had been in the high 80's and very humid. I will not turn my heat back on. Throw on a sweater and a pair of socks. 

On a warm Friday a few weeks back, my husband and I went fishing. These were 2 turtles that we spotted. It was so cool to get this close. We just idled up to them and I keep taking photos. Then they jumped into the water. It was very calming out be out in the fishing boat. My husband loves to fish, among all hisother hobbies. I read a book and got some sun. That made me very happy.

These are all three of my kitties co-existing for a few minutes. I do not know what they were looking at, I just thought it was cool. I always wonder what goes on during the day when we are at work, probably just a lot of sleeping... 

OK... I think I am back.. I thought there was nothing left for me to talk about. I have several recipes to share with you. Sorry for the hiatus, I wish I could say there was some sort of enlightenment. Really, just coming to terms with my age and deciding there are loads of things that need to be on the internet. 

Maybe you will see me tomorrow.. I forgot that I like to write. ROCK on kids

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