Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Plain today. I wanted a Plain old smoothie. We are experiencing our second Polar Vortex. Does anyone remember a Year and a Half back. The Summer long heat wave. NO one would complain now. We have had a decent amount of snow, but it has been SO freaking cold. Even the people in FLA complain about the weather. This morning it was -13. It was like 30 in Anchorage Alaska. Crazy.

So baking is always allowed these days. Warm up the house. I have been baking cookies up a storm. I have four trays for this week. I believe with all of this cold, people have bailed on there New Years resolutions and quit exercising already. My Husband started his program last week. This past fall and into this year, he has had loads $$ of dental work done. So, consequently, due to not eating, and low snacking, he has only 10 pounds to lose. Which being a guy means he will lose it all in like two weeks. AUGH.....

Yesterday was my Husband's birthday. We had a small family party on Sunday. Chicken Enchiladas... and a Carrot Cake. I tried to make his carrot cake into the shape of a goose. It tasted fabulous, but looked like the Loch Ness monster. Everyone got a good chuckle. The lesson learned, there are still bombs, JUST make sure they taste great.

I made this smoothie for our Lunch. What I learned with this smoothie is that even if you add ice, with no frozen fruit in it, the smoothie will not be super cold. But on a -5 day, that is ok...

All the leafless plants, the snow, the grey skies and the VERY cold temperature

three simple ingredients. 

I went to Sams Club last Saturday. These strawberries were just delicious

My Husband and the youngest son at the birthday party

I was hoping to draw in a curious cat. No such luck.

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