Wednesday, February 19, 2014

GREEN Cleanse Smoothie - 2

As you can tell with this blog, I can be a bit obsessive. When will she write about Cookies and Bars again. I have always had this problem. My OCD issues have lessened somewhat as I have gotten older. When my Dad died, I learned that somethings in life just do not matter. Obsessing about things and issues were not going to change things. He was gone and my life had changed. I will still pick things apart, and worry to much, but lots of "issues" have dropped off.

If you have not read a single post in the past month in a half, I received a VITAMIX for Christmas. My friend Mary is the best person to have as a friend. She is the kindest soul I know. Mary is WAY nicer than I ever deserve. I am grateful to have her as a friend. Besides.... she gave me a VITAMIX for Christmas and my Birthday. I would have been grateful to have her old unused one.... Just saying. I LOVE Mary.

Since I have written countless blogs about SMOOTHIES and SMOOTHIE Nation, here is another ONE.
I like the freshness of the green cleanse. I love Almond and Coconut Milk, but the lightness of a green smoothie is something totally different. Almond and Coconut Milk smoothies serve many purposes. My Husband would have never tried Almond milk if I did not put it into a smoothie. I have not baled on them, but Green Cleanse makes me think of Spring and Summer. We have had winter forever this year. I am tired of snow and cold weather clothing. I want to sweat and wear flip flops again.

This drink came to me before I worked out this morning. It needed to be quick and taste great. I hit both of these criteria's today.  Give it a try, it is delicious.

Green Cleanse Smoothie - 2
adapted by ME
1 cup Orange Juice
1 Green Apple, cored and chopped
1 piece Fresh Ginger, thumb nail size
Juice of 1/2 a Lemon
1-2 cups Fresh Spinach

Place everything in your blender in the order of recipe. Blend until smooth. Drink away

5 ingredients. Quick and Easy

I was close to 2 cups of Spinach. 
I am going to try Romaine next time.

I could not believe how exact the color was. 
From the apple into your body. Perfect. 
THANKS Mary.... You are an amazing Friend.

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