Monday, February 3, 2014

Healthy Mint Chocolate Smoothie

So, last week I rambled on about going green and getting Healthier. Well this smoothie is green and mostly healthy. It was Super Bowl Sunday and I was feigning for something BAD. At least it was not Margaritas and Pizza.  This was not bad and it tasted delicious. I was still out of my normal box for Smoothie Nation.

My Niece Gina does not like bananas or bananas in her smoothie. She may change her mind when she taste this one. This drink has a slightly thick, but it is not heavy to drink. The Avocado and Banana gave this drink a smooth consistency.  The Mint made it taste fresh and not some crappy Fast Food shake. Totally solved my sweet craving without filling me up with bad calories and no nutrition.

These are my cats. They are usually not on the counter top, but I was looking for a good shot.

It would have been nice if they wanted to participate and play along with me. 
Kitty treats solved my problem. Just like children, a little bribery once in awhile 
will get you the results you want.
(Black Cherry and Smokey)

Healthy Mint Chocolate Smoothie
adapted slightly from
1 cup almond milk
1/4 of avocado, skin removed
1 frozen banana
3 drops peppermint extract
1 tablespoon cashew butter or soaked cashews
1 handful fresh mint leaves
1/2 scoop of Chocolate Protein powder

Add all ingredients into a blended in the order listed. Blend away until smooth.


All ingredients are easy to find.
The fresh mint was in the Produce area near the Parsley and Cilantro
The Cashew Butter did come from the Health Store. But the last time I used it was
for my Cashew Butter Cookies featured on 7/17/13. Still delicious.
Everything else, I did have on hand

Black Cherry was giving it the look.
I do not think he like the straw

Kitty city, always curious. It is so much fun having a kitten in the house.
Smokey does make a nice prop.
(DISCLAIMER: My Husband did not like the cats on the counter around the food)

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