Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes are just not for Thanksgiving and Christmas anymore. Of course, we are skipping the marshmallows, butter and brown sugar.. I know... a heavy sigh from the crowd. My Mother has made healthy sweet potatoes forever. When she would make them at Thanksgiving and Christmas, her and my husband were the only ones who would eat them. They would proudly proclaim how good they were and eat them all. Everyone else would smile and think they were crazy......

In January when we started our program, I had read so much on HOW great sweet potatoes were for you. I sighed and wonder... could I actually eat these. Well, I sniff around the Internet and found loads of recipes. WOW... could it be, I did not know what I was missing. So I went to work.

Just so you know.... February is National Sweet Potato Month. Go on, there are still a few days left. Give them a whirl..

Naked and baked. Waiting to be covered up.

This is what these bad boys look like after being in the oven.
They are not beauty queens. 
The skin is good for you, but we choose to remove them.

Today, there are NO actually recipes. Instead of using rice, pasta, bread, tortilla shells, USE the Sweet Potato for your base. Take what you do at home and Amp it up with a Potato.

I will bake my potato first. Sometimes even the night before. It takes between an hour to 1 1/2 hours for the potato to bake completely. If I am making them the night before, once baked I let them cool and then place in the frig. The next day, I microwave them for about 2 minutes. YOU want them heated through.

Mexican flair with Ground beef, Refried Black Beans, onions and tortilla chips

Roti Chicken sauteed, red onions and barbecue sauce
A perfect combination for a sweet potato

 Barbecue Chicken with Red onions and mixed cheeses over a Sweet potato

Ground Chicken with Red peppers and Pesto

Ground beef, salsa, cilantro, black beans and limes

Ground beef and taco fixings over a sweet potato

Ground Turkey using an Italian flare w/ Parmesan Cheese on top

Making Ground beef chili, and serving it over a sweet potato

Which one was our favorite. ALL of them. 
According to Weight Watchers, a Sweet Potato is 4 points.
They are very filling and loaded with SO many healthy benefits. 

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